About us

A wedding planning business is only as good as the people behind it. Here’s some information on our background.

We came together first as friends, getting to know each other well, learning about each others strengths, weaknesses and talents, and finally joining forces as business partners in 2005. By that time we had both gathered personal, but also professional experience, which we found very helpful in establishing a wedding planning company. We felt there was a huge market gap at the time, as hardly any wedding consultants were operating in Krakow yet, and we decided to take on the challenge to promote wedding planning services in a virtually non-existent market.


We called ourselves Once in a lifetime (Polish: Raz w życiu). Customers often point out to us, that life is unpredictable and many get married more than once throughout their lives. Still, we insist on treating every ceremony as a once in a lifetime, unforgettable event. And we believe it only serves our Couples well.

Our company has since become a recognizable brand in the Polish wedding industry. We continue to strengthen and develop the wedding market by participating in the country’s only professional association and maintaining highest service standards.

Today we look back at over 140 (as of 2013) successfully organised and co-ordinated weddings, as well as some engagements and anniversaries. Customers we’ve had the pleasure to work with come from near and far, including Krakow, Warsaw, but also the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Norway, the Ukraine, Italy, France, Ireland, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Russia, Canada, the USA, Australia and other countries. We are familiar with all sorts of wedding ceremonies, including civil, religious, symbolic and the paperwork they require.

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