Why us?

You will find offers of many wedding planners out there. Why choose us? …because it matters who you’re getting married with!

We operate since 2005

Our long experience in the business is the best quality guarantee. Until the end of 2014, we’ve organised and coordinated over 160 weddings. Each of them has taught us something new, including the invaluable experience of joining different cultures at one successful and unforgettable wedding.

 We work exclusively in Lesser Poland

which makes us an expert for weddings in this area.

 We only advertise with actual footage from weddings we’ve organised 

All pictures you see on our website or social media reflect our actual work. We don’t organise mock up decorations or styling, we plan and coordinate actual weddings for real people.

 We don’t believe in unnecessary limitations

We organise intimate ceremonies for two just as well as several day long celebrations for hundreds of Guests. We work with Customers, for whom money is no issue at all, but also with those on rather tight budgets. We adjust to your preferred wedding style without imposing our own preferences or particular subcontractors. It’s going to be your wedding day and it should reflect your individual personalities and concepts.

 We can be at your service no matter how far away you live

No matter what time zone you’re in and how often you can come to Poland to take a look at things yourself. We do our best to provide you all the information, pictures, video and product samples necessary for you to be sure you’re choosing exactly what you’ve had in mind for your unique wedding ceremony and reception.

 We work with the best subcontractors

Hardly anything is as important in our business as valuable contacts with those offering high quality wedding services. Being your wedding planners we have to be sure the people we recommend will fulfill all they are promising. Many of the best venues, musicians, photographers, videographers etc. got to know us over the past years and we are proud to call them our true friends we can always rely on.

 We also have access to a unique database of information

about the whole business and current market situation, due to permanent contact with that many people working on dozens of wedding every year each. Our policy is to present to you all recommendable subcontractors, not only a narrow selection of our closest business partners. We value working with suppliers, who are passionate about their work, to whom your wedding is just as special and important, as it is to you.

 We speak foreign languages fluently

Planning your wedding is a highly intimate event, of greatest importance for both of you. It’s stressful enough to get married at all and even more when you’re planning do it in a foreign country and an unfamiliar environment. No need to make it any more difficult through communication problems. You wedding planner should make the effort to understand your needs and expectations properly, not necessarily use up all their energy to understand the language you speak. We offer you fluent communication in English and German as well a basic knowledge of French and Italian.

 It’s absolutely vital for us to make you feel you’re in good hands

Therefore we put great emphasis on our own standards of service. Punctuality, integrity and reliability are a must. All your requests will be handled as quickly as only possible. Understanding your individual needs, we have flexible operating hours and if necessary we are ready to meet you in the evening, on weekends, sometimes even during holidays.

 We know how important your wedding is for you

And that’s just how important it is for us. Testimonials from previous Customers will confirm that.

 We care 

Not only about our Customers, but also about Couples, who chose to work with other wedding planners. We contribute to the present and future condition of Poland’s wedding planning market through our participation in the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants. We strongly believe in the Code of Ethics the Association’s members have resolved unanimously and declared to follow. We hope to popularize wedding planning in Poland and constantly raise standards of professionalism and Customer service.

 We have civil liability insurance

 We offer electronic payment options

 just in case wire transfers aren’t convenient for you.

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