1. How long before the wedding should we hire you?

Unless unusual circumstances apply, we don’t encourage planning sooner than 1,5-2 years before the desired wedding date. For most Couples, a year in advance is quite perfect. Sometimes we may not be able to book subcontractors for you with longer notice.

If you’re worried you may be running late with starting the preparations, don’t worry, in most cases we’ll be able to work quickly and make your wedding happen according to plan.

2. Do you just work with selected venues?

We work with as many venues as we can – constantly monitoring new locations and maintaining quality levels in the existing ones. We won’t recommend you places that could put your dream wedding at the risk of failure, but all the other ones – we will.

When sourcing venues with us, you can also be sure to get the full picture and be informed upfront of all the up- and downsides, which management won’t always mention at the first meeting.

3. How often do we need to come to Krakow for the preparations?

The simple answer is: as often as you can or want to. Some Couples enjoy coming to Krakow every few weeks or months and naturally it makes things easier. However, we are aware that for some Customers, due to great distances, financial reasons or lack of holiday, it’s not possible to come at all.

Usually, 2 or 3 visits to Krakow are recommended before the wedding, but even if you won’t be able to come, we still can organize the perfect wedding for you.

Thanks to the Internet we can present you almost any service before we book it for you and the things requiring your personal presence (mostly paperwork) can sometimes be postponed until shortly before the wedding.

4. How much do your services cost?

Our service packages are customised according to individual requirements and workload involved. We offer different forms of remuneration – fixed rates or commission. A customised offer will be sent to you within 24 hours of submitting details of your enquiry.

You will also be constantly updated on the cost of suppliers’ services to maintain budget control throughout the whole process.

5. Can we work together if our budget is set in stone?

Of course, we will make sure to adhere to the budgetary limitations throughout the planning process. We will advise you where savings can be found and which services should be paid for in full for best results.

6. Is it possible to only let you handle single services we still require?

Of course, flexibility is key in our jobs. However, costs may be higher than expected, depending on the type of service. Contact us for more details.

7. Can we change our mind about the scope of services along the way?

Planning a wedding takes several months and it would be unreasonable for us to assume that no changes will occur. Our agreement can be renegotiated anytime, anyway.

8. We live abroad and can’t come to Poland prior to the wedding. Is this a problem?

We will work around this as well as we can, it’s not an uncommon situation for us.

9. Do you work countrywide?

We concentrate on Krakow and the area (up to 100 km radius, incl. Tatra), but contact us for details if you consider other locations, we may be able to help nonetheless.

10. Do you organise weddings abroad?

No, we don’t.

11. Which of your services is the one we shouldn’t miss?

Personal co-ordination on the wedding day is essential for most of our Couples. Read more here.

12. Can we get married in a church if one of us isn’t Catholic?

Yes. As long as one of you is Catholic, a ceremony in a Roman Catholic church is possible.

13. Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, bank transfers, cash transfers (Western Union) and credit cards (via PayPal).

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