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We we preparing the incredible wedding of Agnieszka and Michał in the centre of Cracow for more than one year, planning every detail very carefully. The preparations took place in a beautiful boutique hotel. The Groom and his best men pinned on their buttonholes on a terrace with a view on the Main Market, while the Bride and her three bridesmaids got ready in the unique suite. They all were in the best hand of stylists, drinking champagne and having a great time together. Agnieszka with her Father rode to the church with horse and carriage, while Michał was expecting her in front of the altar. After the ceremony Guests threw rose petals on the Newlyweds and each of them also got a white balloon with helium and together went to the pier on the river bank. As the balloons with flew up to the sky, the boat was awaiting the Guests and during the cruise on the river it was time for greetings, finger foods and delicious drinks. But it wasn’t the end of the attractions 🙂 After a delicious wedding dinner, Guests tasted various sweets including fruits from chocolate fountain, they also pasted funny photos from a Polaroid Camera to the wedding guest book. The DJ played together with a talented violinist and the wedding cake was cut on the terrace in the moonlight and in company of sparklers. The highlight of the wedding was a fireworks show to the soundtrack chosen by the Newlyweds. Also the bridesmaids prepared a surprise, special wedding puzzles and a video with the greetings from friends, it was very emotional and funny at the same time. The decorated wedding venue looked lovely with romantic, floral compositions in the colors of: white, cream, rose, and matched with stationery and a heart-shaped gingerbreads –favours for Guests. Agnieszka and Michał, it was a pleasure to be with you on that day. You both looked beautiful – smiling, happy and calm. We wish you that love on every day in your life together and emotions just like in the Groom’s speech. I’m sure it wasn’t our last meeting 🙂 All the best!

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