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A wedding anniversary in Krakow

Dodano: 13.03.2024

This time Anne and Paweł let us organise the fifth anniversary of their wedding which we – of course – also were a part of. Once again we faced the challenge of pleasing a few dozens of French palates, thankfully we know just the right chefs for the job.

In some ways, an anniversary is easier to plan, there is no ceremony for one, also the emotional side is more controllable… yet the party as such is just as complex and requires just as much planning and coordinating. Additionally, the anniversary should level up with the reception but not surpass it in quality and style.

It seems all of this came true on a very hot August evening; so hot, we had to relocate some of the attractions indoors, for the sake of Guests’ comfort, until the sun set a little. After pandemic struggles, the guests happily arrived to see their loved ones and we encourage everyone to celebrate their happily ever afters, it’s worth it. 

Design i wykonanie: Smultron.pl

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