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When the wedding venue cancels your booking… then you can give up or… call us! That’s what Vannesa and Mark did, nowhere near knowing this was only the beginning of their many unusual wedding planning troubles. Because then covid started, lockdowns were in place… it was with these two that we first  searched for venues virtually, via video calls, which is never the easiest option. 

Eventually, the reception was held under a marquee next to a lovely manor house, in order to allow for more social distance and a breeze, for everyone’s safety. And even though the day was as rainy as they get this time of year in Poland, some Brazilian samba played live on drums, which suddenly appeared from the dark distance of the garden, turned the temperature up to soaring heights.

Also in the decorations, we wanted to recreate the tropical climate of Vanessa’s country of origin, while foodwise we stuck more to the Polish specialties, thus creating a harmonious event, just like the relationship of this couple. The conclusion here: don’t let hurdles along the way discourage you, rely on us and your dream wedding will certainly come true. All the best to Vanessa and Mark!

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