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After 2 years of covid we thought we’ve seen it all. 

After 17 years in the business we thought we’ve done it all, experienced most possible wedding disruptions. But when it’s a Thursday afternoon and you need to call the priest to cancel the wedding coming up in just two days.. it’s a whole different story.

Keep calm, Victoria and Dylan still wanted to marry each other, however life had a different plan and once they arrived to Poland for their long awaited, twice rescheduled big day, it turned out they got covid… At the very time when we all thought the rough patch was already over. 

As they had to reschedule a few times before, they said: let’s not do it just halfway right. They’ve been planning for so long, hoping for the day to go ahead as planned… Victoria wasn’t even ready to wear her dress accessorized by a mask… not after all they’ve been through.

So.. we had two days to re-organize the event, for those who already arrived from across the globe, to a non-wedding reception. We had to make a quick assessment of what could still be cancelled and what could go ahead according to plan. The guests were supposed to have fun and enjoy themselves, in the absence of the couple, who preferred to put the wedding plans on hold one last time rather than to jeopardize anyone’s health.

Fortunately, the wedding location they had chosen allowed us to save their day. On the scenic rooftop we arranged a romantic dinner table for two, the weather played along perfectly and it just might be that these two had the nicest experience that day – far away from crowds and noise, in the beautiful sunset setting overlooking the roofs of Krakow. If we hadn’t witnessed the chaos of the previous two days, we would have thought this was a great plan for a most romantic couple’s dinner.

Eventually we were able to downsize and downgrade most of the event, also making sure the wedding budget was protected from the worst outcome. Victoria and Dylan got married after, it’s all well, but this was the kind of wedding thrill we don’t wish to anyone else. At the same time… a story to tell to future generations. All the best to Victoria and Dylan!

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