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Symbolic weddings

Dodano: 26.09.2014

A symbolic wedding is where you get to call all the shots. Be it the music, the setting, the scenario… There are no rules other than the ones you make. This type of ceremony doesn’t have any legal power, you still need to visit a register office (in Poland or elswhere) to become legally married, but many Couples choose this option when confronted with all the requirements and restrictions assosiated with civil or religious ceremonies.

A symbolic wedding can be performed virtually anywhere. If you’re looking for an underwater or mountain top location, this will likely be your only option. Considering Polish conditions at churches or in register offices, this type of ceremony looks closest to what we see in movies – romantic vows written by the Couple, breathtaking sceneries and cocktails immediately following the service.

A wedding planner’s job when organising this kind of ceremony is very complex. Most likely, it will involve helping you write the script of the ceremony, but also setting up the location, including renting furniture, marquees, arches, working on decorations and last, but not least, recommending an officiant – an actor to conduct the ceremony.



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