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The travel-themed multi-day celebration of Marcelina and Carlos was originally going to be a simple affair. But then the pandemic happened, gorgeous twins were born and additionally, one of their guests inspired them with his own event to do something more extraordinary.

And so we faced the challenge of at least living up to an event organized by a very wealthy man, with all-round care for every smallest need the guests might have, at the same time being limited by the very old city that is Krakow.

It wasn’t easy, heart attacks were close at least a couple of times, like when we had to move the carefully planned ceremony to a completely new location, as a long term renovation has just started; and then in the new location, a few days before the wedding the whole cooperation was still in jeopardy.

The one thing that was sure, was that the wedding would be a musical feast and the ceremony would be very special thanks to the presence of an opera choir as the opera is not only Marcelinas job but also a passion the couple both share. Another passion they have is travel and so we equipped the guests, who literally came from across the globe, from Latin America to Japan, with custom wedding passports, custom wedding postcards and other themed accessories.

The guests were invited to a lunch in style of a luxurious bistro, an elegant dinner with views over the roofs of the old town, then on Thursday we took them on a cruise along the Vistula, with club and live music. Halfway some freshly made juicy burgers and traditional pierogi served as catering. Thanks to all that, by Saturday all the guests knew each other well, they got adjusted to the location and they could fully enjoy the touching ceremony and the party full of musical attractions, including a full-on live samba drumming set, as well as the fine dining dinner.

What we couldn’t avoid was a very special „attraction” that marked that whole wedding season – mobile covid testing spots… but in the end we managed to get everyone safely into the country and back to their destinations again and expressions of admiration and gratefulness on the wedding group lasted long. 

It was an honour to be part of this celebration, we wish Marcelina and Carlos all the love every day.

Design i wykonanie: Smultron.pl

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