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Karolina and Alexander always dreamed of a palace wedding.

They instantly fell in love with the venue we recommended and a visit to view it personally was really just a formality. The wedding was inspired by small white flowers, particularly the bouquet of Kate Middleton. Karolina wore a dress by a famous Polish designer too and a team of stylists followed her on the day to make sure she looked perfectly the whole time. The decorations were minimal, we didn’t want to cover up the beauty of the palace, just underline it. The cake was also sleek and classic, but very elegant.

The Bride and Groom wished to get married outdoors and even though there was some trouble with permission to that at the final stages, eventually this dream came true. The evening was full of elaborate surprises prepared by the guests, such as a movie recorded in Paris with friends playing the roles of Karolina and Alex. Danish traditions were represented in form of numerous speeches, kissing the Groom in the absence of the Bride, as well as the Groom’s socks being cut off in order to make him unattractive for women.  A highlight of Polish origin was the performance of a folk band, involving singing, dancing and the appearance of Krakow’s famous Lajkonik.

This coordination was challenge for us, involving 12 different diets and several written translations of speeches, as well as seamless integration of all the different surprises into the formerly established plan of the event. The Couple and their guests let us know we managed to do a good job.

We wish Karolina and Alexander a wonderful future together, lots of love every day and more dreams coming true. 

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