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Alyssa and Travis planned their wedding with help of the family. While they were still very busy studying medicine, Alyssa’s Mom first reached out to us. And while we only met the Groom a few days before the wedding, we had already spent a considerable amount of time with Alyssa’s Parents and her Polish Grandma. We quickly realised we like each other on a personal level, conversation was easy and so in addition to planning the wedding we also learned a lot mutually about Poland, the US, Mexico and everyday life in distant corners of the globe.

The Bride and Groom left us no doubt, the wedding – however small – would be a wild party. Not only Grandma wouldn’t go to sleep too early, but also the Couple’s friends, many of them night-shift staff at a hospital, with their according stamina. 

The decorations were very minimalistic, yet romantic, based mostly on red rose petals and candles. The color scheme also included navy blue and gold, reflected in the mirror table plan. The ceremony took place in the Main Square (obviously!), but for the reception we went to a medieval castle, which Alyssa immediately loved, even having seen it only on pictures. Turns out, West Coast raps sound great in such a historic setting! The wedding cake, covered in edible velvet, featured two… sharks, which is only surprising until you hear how Tyler proposed while shark diving…. yep! 🙂

Photos were taken by the Bride’s cousin, the hair and make-up artist was a friend from San Diego. Even losing their luggage on the way to Krakow wouldn’t ruin the Couple’s mood and it’s no surprise looking at all the kindness they were surrounded with. We are convinced we will meet again, in Krakow or California, and meanwhile we continue eating Mexican treats they brought for us. 

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